AI Mastery 123

For Teenagers & College Students

AI Mastery 123: From Zero to Hero




Understand AI Concept (Data, Machine Learning, AI Model, Features, etc) and how it is used to solve problems
Craft your own AI Project  ideas (Click here to be inspired what others have done)
Mastering AI Tools (ChatGPT, Gitmind, ChatPDF, Gemme, etc) for Enhanced Learning, Problem Solving and Creativity Boosting
Seize Your Competitive Advantage : Embrace the New AI Era with Confidence
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Active Learning

Interactive Games for Active Learning

Course Content

eLearning Content for Self-paced Learning

  • AI Foundation Course (Level 1) is a 12 weeks (1 hour/wk) Instructor-led course to be conducted online or via face to face during a Bootcamp.
  • The course is broken down into 12 lessons (12 Weeks) with each lesson consisting of a mixed of 20-30 mins of e-learning and 30-40 mins of instructor-led Active Learning activities (e.g. AI Games, Hands-on Activities) to strengthen the students’ understanding of AI knowledge.
  • Guided activities provide a more fun learning approach, with student-teacher interaction for a better understanding of important AI concepts.
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AI Foundation Course (Level 1)

This Course Is Designed With Specific Objectives:    To Avoid Learners From Knowledge Overload, Brain Fatigue, And Loss Of Interest At The Beginning Of Their AI Learning Journey. That Is Why, This Course Is Designed To Be Interactive, Intuitive (Using The Analogy Approach) And Full Of Fun (With AI Games) For Young Minds.