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AI Quick Start Guide

For Teenagers (13 - 20+ Yrs Old)

About The Course

At the End, What Will You Learn?

Grasp the fundamental concepts of AI

In essence, you will learn about what is AI and how AI works? How AI is being used to solve problems in the world? And also, how will AI affect your life and future career?

Learn about how AI brain is built

You will learn about what it takes to build one AI brain. Why data is the most important ingredient to make AI work? What is a learning algorithm? and How to build an AI brain step by step with the SLP square AI process framework.

Learn to plan an AI project

You will acquire the AI mindset and ways to solve the world’s problems. You will also learn how to dissect real-world AI applications. And most importantly, you will also be given assignments to hands-on and learn how to plan your own AI project.

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