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A Course developed by AI Application Engineers.

Our Online Courses Are Specially Designed for Young Minds

Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) is Fun & Exciting

see what aI Is currently capable of & why is It fun to learn this technology

Our Popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) Courses

RM 699

AI Quick Start Guide (C1)

An Entry AI Course for Young Minds & College Students. It Aims to Guide Youngsters Like You Into the Exciting World of AI. Strongly Recommended for Youngsters between 13 to 20+ Yrs Old.

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RM 330

AI QSG: Junior Edition (C2)

A Simple Introductory AI Course For Kids With The Aim to Kindle Their Interest in AI. Learn AI - Start Young, Start Now! Strongly Recommended for Kids between 9 to 12 Yrs Old.

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RM 680

AI Hands-on Pack 1 (C3)

An Entry Level AI Programming Course (Python & Google TensorFlow) : This is a Continuation to The AI QSG: Young Minds & College Students (C1). Strongly Recommended for Youngsters between 13 to 20+ Yrs Old.

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Why Should You Start Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) Now?

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New Competitive Advantage for Better Career Advancement in the 21st Century

AI will be widely used to solve problems across all industries. The demand for staff with sound AI knowledge will increase in the coming 10 to 15 years. Now, AI knowledge is akin to the need to master computer and Microsoft Office skills like in the 80s and 90s. So, equip yourself with sound AI knowledge that will give you an edge to secure a good job or accelerate your career growth.

AI knowledge is the most sought-after skills by big corporations worldwide

Many surveys found that AI knowledge is the most sought after skill by big corporations worldwide, such as Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, etc. It is also the most popular upskilling course for the current workforce of the 21st century.

AI skills enable a new business start-up (entrepreneurship)

Learn a new skill that allows you to solve problems in a new way based on a data-driven AI approach. A report by CBS Insight found that a total of 7.6 billion USD was funded to many AI start-ups in 2019, tackling problems in many industries such as in healthcare, transportation, education, banking, etc.

Fetch a higher pay & with a better job prospect

AI-related jobs are found to fetch higher salaries compared to other professions, according to a job survey done by a large job portal in 2019. According to Indeed, the average annual pay for a senior AI engineer in large corporations in the US is about 143,000 USD. AI talent is also found to be in high demand and with better job prospects.

Why sound Artificial Intelligence (AI) knowledge is important in the 21st century?


AI Impacts Lives

  • What is the most disruptive new technology that will change our world and impact our lives in the coming future? Yes, it is AI. But, What is AI?
  • Why is there so much excitement behind this technology?
  • What is AI being used for now?


AI impacts Jobs

  • According to PwC, 30% of jobs will be vulnerable to AI automation in the next 15 years. Why is it so?
  • What kind of jobs will be most impacted?
  • What kind of jobs will thrive instead in the future?


AI Impacts Across industries

  • How does AI impact job functions and industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance & banking?
  • Wonder how and why AI is used to solve problems in these industries?
  • Why AI is regarded as the “new tool” that the world is craving for which makes machines and computer applications smarter and autonomous?


AI Impacts Career Advancement

  • AI knowledge is essential for career advancement across industries. 
  • How can you learn AI and apply the knowledge in your job function? 
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, Machine Learning? Are they the same?
  • What is the most basic ingredient of AI?
  • Why data is the most important ingredient of AI?
  • What would it take to build an AI application?

So, Ask yourself...

The impact of AI on businesses and jobs Are real & will be profound.

Are you ready for it?

  • How can I be better prepared and benefit from the advancement of AI?
  • Can I better prepare my kids for it? (for concerned parents)
  • AI is said to be one of the most important skills to equip yourself with in the future (and it is not taught in schools), so what can you do to give yourself an early head start?
  • How to learn AI at a young age?

If these are the burning questions that you would like to answer…

AI Quick Start Guide

course is just right for you
(and your kids)

All these questions will be explained to you in a simple manner; 
suitable for young minds.


AI Quick Start Guide

  • 6 weeks self-paced online course: An entry AI course specially designed for young minds (13 to 20+ years old).
  • Aims to kindle interest in AI.
  • Focuses on imparting AI key concepts and know-how.
  • Cultivating AI mindset to solve real-world problems: using a data-centric approach.
  • A foundation course for young minds to venture into the exciting world of AI.
  • Strip down complex mathematic functions and intimidating program coding for easy understanding.
  • Provide a step by step guide to plan an AI project with our AI model framework and template document. (See our sample slides).
  • Hands-on AI by actually doing it. Case studies and hands-on assignments.
  • Simplified, referencing, and assimilating AI Syllabuses from many international courses such as AI courses from Stanford University, MIT, Google, IBM, etc.
What this course is written for?
  • to demystify AI for young minds & parents alike,
  • to kindle the interest of AI among young minds
  • to alleviate fear about AI’s impact on future jobs
  • to help you decide earlier whether AI related professions are suitable for you?
  • to guide you on how to start learning AI now
  • to convince you why learning AI at such a young age is a winning formula in the long run
This course is designed with A specific objective : to avoid learners from knowledge overload, brain fatigue, and loss of interest at the beginning of their AI learning journey. Instead, it is designed for an AI learning journey full of fun (AI games), Interactive and intuitive (analogy approach).

Customise for
Young minds

Online courses for young minds to learn anywhere, anytime.


Learn by doing and planning AI projects. (Certificate of completion - with the submission of assignments).

A Foundation for Upskilling

In line with international syllabus. This course gives you the foundation to up-skill to more advanced professional AI related certifications/ degree.

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Why should you enrol for the
AI Quick Start Guide?

The secret of getting ahead is getting started now!

Give yourself
‘an edge’

Give yourself ‘an edge’ and an early head start in the 21st Century. Be Better Prepared for Your Future & Career. Winning at the beginning. Start Young, Start Now...

Best school holiday Enhancement

An AI entry course that is suitable even for the non IT-savvy kids. It is probably one of the most important enhancement skills that you can learn to positively change your life.

Small investment,
big return

You don’t just buy a course, you are investing in an important knowledge for yourself or your kids’ future. All it takes is just about RM 60/month x 12 months.

World-class learning for anyone, anywhere

Master AI skills with Applied learning

Apply what you learn with self-paced course and hands-on projects

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Ride the AI Wave

"The way to set your children up for success in this day and age is to ensure they learn about artificial intelligence"

Mark Cuban, Billionaire Tech-Entrepreneur

Hands-on AI

"What We Learn To Do,
We Learn By Doing"


Your boss is going to start to talk about AI

“As AI permeates the enterprise, everyone—from the CEO and business unit leaders to your middle managers and frontline employees—will need to be conversant in some basic terminology. Speaking the same language gets organizations on the same page and helps demystify AI’s role in the enterprise..."

Chris Curran, Chief Technologist for PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

As a concerned parent,

Will you invest in a course that will possibly enhance your kid's future?

To venture into the exciting world of AI, all it takes is just about RM 58/month x 12 months.

Don’t just sit there, act now….

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It is not just a course, it is the best gift for the One That You Care Most…

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