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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can still access “My Account” page to refer to the course notes, technical resources and other materials which are still open for you. However, you will not be able to access the live course anymore once it has expired.

The Digital Version of the Certificate of Completion is automatically released to the student once the course is marked “Complete” AND the assignment is submitted online.

The system will automatically retrieve the “First Name” and “Last Name” from your account or profile. If these two fields are left “blank”, your name will not appear on the certificate. To resolve this issue, just fill up your information in these two fields under “My Account” profile page. Else, contact us via email. We can get this sorted out for you.

You can request for an additional 1 month extension from the date of your official request to us (only via email). There will be some additional fee applied to activate this request. Please email your request to us for further assistance.

The course content is only accessible to the account holder. As the Certificate of Completion is conditional upon the submission of the account holder’s assignment, only one (1) student name will be printed on the certificate. However, we are working on the family package, whereby there can be more than one access under the same account in the near future. Stay tuned.