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for both Science and Non-Science disciplines

AI education, encompassing both understanding AI and utilizing it as a tool, is pertinent across science and non-science disciplines. Industries such as accounting, management, and finance are profoundly influenced by AI, illustrating its pervasive impact. In essence, AI will transform every industry and job role. Embrace AI learning, harness it as a tool, and innovate solutions accordingly!

K12 Students | College & University Students | Young Working Adults

“The future belongs to those that master AI.”
Bills Gate, Microsoft
“AI does not replace jobs. People who use AI will replace your job.”
Jensen Huang, NVidia
“AI will impact 'everything' including 'every product across every company'”
Sundar Pichai, Google

Why Join Us?

Award-Winning Platform

Winner of Top-in-Tech Innovation Award 2024, Recognized & Supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Malaysia

#1 AI Teaching & Learning Platform

Number 1 AI Teaching & Learning Platform in Malaysia. SaaS or Software Licensing for AI Teaching & Learning that will benefit All Students

3500+ Active Instructors & Leaners

More than 3500 Active Leaners and Instructors using the NewBe AI Platfrom for Delivery and Learning of AI skills & knowledges

Platform Adopted in International Schools

Our Platform were implemented for AI Teaching & Learning in the schoolwide adoption program in the International & Private Schools

MDEC Train The Teachers (TTT) Partner

We are the Training Partner for the TTT of teachers in Malaysia. We have trained the first batch of 106 Cikgu Juara Digital (CJD) in AI throughout Malaysia

Strategic partners for Ministry of Education

We are the strategic partners of MOE for the Dasar Pendidikan Digital (DPD) Initiative nationwide.

Strategic partners for State Governments

We are the strategic partners to promote AI and STEM education for Penang, Kedah, Sarawak, Sabah, Wilayah KL, etc.

Platform Expanded to South East Asia (SEA)

Our Platform were accepted and successfully implemented for AI Teaching & Learning in the SEA regions such as in Philippines and Thailand.