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We take pride in ourselves to be AI application engineers and software developers.  Since the beginning, we’ve focused on delivering the best AI-driven Machinery Health Monitoring application to solve the ever-increasing challenges in managing critical machines in the oil & gas industry. Over the years of relentless hard work and research, we have successfully developed our first AI application, Fusion – an Intelligent Machinery Health Monitoring Application which has been deployed in the oil & gas industry. It assists plant engineers to manage and monitor the machines’ health more prudently based on our AI-driven sensor-fusion technology. Our software is capable of concurrently learning from a wealth of machinery operating parameters; learning up to thousands of machine operating parameters all at once and automatically generating accurate predictions of the current health status of the machines. It serves to provide an early warning and to detect machinery faults where humans are incapable of.

we are AI researchers
at heart

We have about 10 years of research track record in the engineering applications of AI. Over the years, the team has undertaken researches and successfully published our findings in internationally referred scientific journals.

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