for Science and Non-Science disciplines

AI Mastery 123

Self-Paced AI Learning Made Easy, Engaging, and Practical

RM 360

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What Will You Learned?

The Three Essential Pillars of AI Mastery 123 Course:

#1 Understand AI

Understand AI concepts (data, machine learning, models, generative AI, LLMs). This knowledge empowers you to leverage AI for a competitive advantage

#2 AI Tools Mastery

Mastering AI Tools (ChatGPT, Gitmind, ChatPDF, Scribble-Artist, etc.) for Enhanced Learning, Problem Solving, and Boosting Creativity (AI for Productivity).

#3 Create AI Solutions

Craft your own AI project ideas to solve problems (Click on the icon to be inspired by what others have done)

Learning Method

Blended Learning Made AI Mastery Easy, Engaging and Practical

Active Learning

Learn While Playing (21 Interactive Modules)


Standardized Delivery of AI Knowledge Via E-learning

Course Content

The course syllabus, meticulously crafted and thoroughly reviewed and proudly approved by The Ministry of Education (MOE) Malaysia

This Course Includes:

Active Learning

Trial Module:


Trial Module:

Learning Outcomes

Who is this course for?

for both Science and Non-Science disciplines
AI learning is not only suitable for science students; it’s essential for non-science students as well. In fact,  industries such as accounting, management, and finance ; are among the most impacted by AI. Put simply, AI will revolutionize all industries and job functions. Embrace AI learning, utilize it as a tool, and innovate solutions with it!
Management | Finance | Law | Science | Engineering | And More…
“The future belongs to those that master AI.”
Bills Gate, Microsoft
“AI does not replace jobs. People who use AI will replace your job.”
Jensen Huang, NVidia
“AI will impact 'everything' including 'every product across every company'”
Sundar Pichai, Google
Seize Your Competitive Advantage : Embrace the New AI Era with Confidence
RM 360

Our Credentials

Award-Winning Platform

Winner of The Top-in-Tech Innovation Award 2024, Recognized & Supported by the Ministry of Science & Technology, Malaysia

#1 AI Teaching & Learning Platform

Number 1 AI Teaching & Learning Platform in Malaysia. SaaS or Software Licensing for AI Teaching & Learning that will benefit All Students

5000+ Active Instructors & Leaners

More than 5000 Active Leaners and Instructors using the NewBe AI Platfrom for Delivery and Learning of AI skills & knowledges

Platform Adopted in International Schools

Our Platform were implemented for AI Teaching & Learning in the schoolwide adoption program in the International & Private Schools

MDEC Train The Teachers (TTT) Partner

We are the Training Partner for the TTT of teachers in Malaysia. We have trained the first batch of 106 Cikgu Juara Digital (CJD) in AI throughout Malaysia

Strategic partners for Ministry of Education

We are the strategic partners of MOE for the Dasar Pendidikan Digital (DPD) Initiative nationwide.

Strategic partners for State Governments

We are the strategic partners to promote AI and STEM education for Penang, Kedah, Sarawak, Sabah, Wilayah KL, etc.

Platform Expanded to South East Asia (SEA)

Our Platform were accepted and successfully implemented for AI Teaching & Learning in the SEA regions such as in Philippines and Thailand.

Client Testimonials

"AI Labs has been engaged by the school to provide training to our teachers to implement AI program to our Secondary School students. Coding has been in our curriculum for a while, but with AI as the new phenomena in the digital era, we have to embrace it with an open mind and heart. We place Full Confidence in the team in delivering the curriculum to my ICT teachers who will in turn teach the curriculum to my Year 7-9 students."
Mr Wong, Principal, International School
“After joining this AI course, I have gained a lot of insight on how Machine Learning works as well as many concepts I didn’t know before. The platforms we used are innovative and high quality too. This has also made me realise my passions and work towards my future. This truly is a life-changing class for those who are interested in technology and it is a dream come true for me. ”
Charenya, International Sch. Student
"I had a fun journey throughout the course learning many new things. I also learned about the different softwares and technology that requires AI to work. Overall, I enjoyed myself. "
Jarden Ng, International Sch. Student
“I learned so much about the fundamentals of AI and how it applies in various fields. The hands-on assignment which was the project idea where we had to create and submit gave me the confidence and inspiration to explore AI further. This course has ignited my passion for AI, and I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to dive into the world of artificial intelligence. It's a transformative experience that can open up new opportunities and perspectives. Thank you for this invaluable learning opportunity!”
Rachel Yap, SMK Student
“The AI course has been very beneficial for me as I have learnt many new things as to how and why AI works and why AI is so important in the modern day. I have also learnt how to plan out and make my own AI project idea that I can use for multifunctional purposes. Overall this AI course is very enjoyable.”
Siew JC, SMK Student
“Overall, the course is good and very engaging. I learnt a lot about AI from this course and I get to do my AI Project Plan which will definitely help me in planning an AI project in the future. We get to do a lot of hands-on activity which makes the course interesting!”
Koh Y.X, SMK Student
"Great course. Yes, I learnt a lot about AI."
Nur Diyanah, SMK Student
“Easy to understand. Very good. Learnt a lot about AI."
Nur Umairah, SMK Student
"As a teacher, I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed the AI Mastery 123 Course. I would highly recommend this AI course to anyone interested in learning more about this fascinating field. ”
Cikgu Teoh, SMK Teacher